the capitals

we don’t do colored eggs and bunnies in this house,

at least not on easter weekend.

instead we encourage Hope and Love,

laughter and compassion,

and happy hearts.

we try to keep this up year-round, so when the schools

celebrate things in fun ways, we’re down with it.IMG_8964brimost recently celebrated was dr. seuss’ birthday.

that’s when my 9 yr old son

said he needed a

full sized tail that he can wear all day

by first thing the next morning.  then what’s a mama to do?

braid one, that’s what.

out of something light and airy like

classic elite’s chalet.

my only regret is that i looped the long strands i cut,IMG_8962bri

through his back belt loop, so the tail had to be cut clean off before the faded jeans

got washed and dried that night.

next year i’ll know better.

‘morning’ taken from 38:12 of job.

2 thoughts on “the capitals

  1. A beautiful tail! I wonder what he’ll need next year. 🙂 Happy Easter Talitha!

    • happy easter to you, too, samm! and you never know what my older boy will think up next. always an adventure…

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