the corner of aioli & main еnter :rewind…

flovent inhaler cost еxtract it is 7pm on a sunday night. mobilize i am fumbling w/my first ever pattern proposal.

remodel calcium carbonate price per ton i have knit and  blocked the swatch, written a description,

join metoclopramide uk and laid these out neatly in a word document. i am just not able (try, try again as i may),

topamax amex to sketch my idea for ‘vashti’ out clearly.

and i call my dad (next door),

say something convincing,

and then hover over

his shoulder as he

draws each line

(and redoes

the ones

i balk at).


‘vashti’ is now part of

more knitting in the sun for kids

only because dad bailed me out in the last hours

before the sand, in the hourglass

holding the minutes

until the submissions deadline, ran out.

thanks dad.

be sure to visit laura’s blog thursday,

it’s the next stop on the blog tour.

and thanks for stopping by.

photo of ‘vashti’ by nicole.

‘sand’ taken from 27:3 of proverbs.

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