the weather outside

kenacort injection price utilize damp and dreary, uphоld but definitely doable. liquidate much preferred to snow at this point.

actonel price reorganize still, exposed dead grass and washed out sky are not inspiring.

Lamictal with no prescription then, in a little unassuming box, spring arrived.IMG_9077brithanks classic elite.

neurontin and methadone did you figure out how much we all need

the softness of alpaca

and cheerful

colors just now?  exactly right.

‘exactly’ taken from 27:25 of acts.

4 thoughts on “the weather outside

  1. What a lovely assortment of colours! Next design? New project? 🙂 We have snow. Again. Yesterday and today. It’s wet and cold and yucky. At least I can’t see the dregs of grass that have survived this winter. LOL I hope some of it has survived! A lot of the boulevard is covered in a thick layer of grit from the road, and it has been too wet to try to rake it off. Where are you, Spring!?

    • new yarn to try out new ideas. nothing firm…yet. we’re all mud today, but snow is due back in tomorrow. i can hear the birds singing in the mornings, though, so i know spring is on the way!

      • Birds! Yes! Our sparrow families are back checking out the bird houses, and the songs of many others are so cheerful! Today we have sun, but it was 18degrees this morning when I walked the dogs. Soon everything will be muddy again. LOL We see little peeps of Spring, so it must be close. I hope!

        • we had honest to goodness mud puddles. last night it snowed into them. ha. spring is close, but not quite yet. soon.

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