the weather outside damp and dreary, but definitely doable.ünstig-kaufen.html much preferred to snow at this point. still, exposed dead grass and washed out sky

are not inspiring.

then, in a little unassuming box, spring arrived.IMG_9077brithanks classic elite.

did you figure out how much we all need

the softness of alpaca

and cheerful

colors just now?  exactly right.

‘exactly’ taken from 27:25 of acts.

4 thoughts on “the weather outside

  1. What a lovely assortment of colours! Next design? New project? 🙂 We have snow. Again. Yesterday and today. It’s wet and cold and yucky. At least I can’t see the dregs of grass that have survived this winter. LOL I hope some of it has survived! A lot of the boulevard is covered in a thick layer of grit from the road, and it has been too wet to try to rake it off. Where are you, Spring!?

    • new yarn to try out new ideas. nothing firm…yet. we’re all mud today, but snow is due back in tomorrow. i can hear the birds singing in the mornings, though, so i know spring is on the way!

      • Birds! Yes! Our sparrow families are back checking out the bird houses, and the songs of many others are so cheerful! Today we have sun, but it was 18degrees this morning when I walked the dogs. Soon everything will be muddy again. LOL We see little peeps of Spring, so it must be close. I hope!

        • we had honest to goodness mud puddles. last night it snowed into them. ha. spring is close, but not quite yet. soon.

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