warmer, …warmer, …red hot!

i played this game as a kid.

buy gabapentin 300 mg online my kids play it with each other now.

whoever is running the show picks something nearby.

the other person walks about and the first person says ‘warmer’ the closer they get.

or ‘colder,…colder,…ice cold’ the farther away they get.

and i had gotten a little too far away

from my growing excitement

about this

big boxy sweater

near to mid-week last week.

but, i think it is true that i have now actually finished both the front and the back.


that leaves two sleeves

and all the extra touches here & there.

every night it’s a little closer to done,

which kicks my motivation back into gear.

‘getting warmer, … warmer,…’

‘every night’ taken from 21:8 in isaiah.

3 thoughts on “warmer, …warmer, …red hot!

  1. Congrats, Tal! I’m really looking forward to seeing this! If I get a sense that this shape would flatter me, I will want to make it. The part I think you called, “over stitching” at the end…intrigues me!

  2. oh yeah, duplicate stitch is fun. you can check out the technique over here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE5X-sLq7X8. it’s a bit like counted crossstitch using the actual knit sts as your grid.

    this boxy shape is interesting. it highlights your neck and your forearms, covers over a multitude of whatever weight you do or don’t carry at your core and has oh so many possibilites for color. i’m ready to know right now what the other 11 swatchers did, but will have to wait like everyone else. back to my boxy sweater sleeves for now.

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