‘when it rains’

how to buy Keppra online note: this is not about the breakup of a romantic relationship.

check these guys out i just happen to love in a big way all the people in my life.

usage of zithromax you have been gone

so why

is this goodbye so hard.

you are connected to nothing now, except my broken heart.

which i have stapled back together.

it is crude, but does the job

although, i admit, i’m tired of the way the sutures rub

against unexpected memories

who uninvited call. their rough, persistent knocking

rattles pictures on the wall

that i had hung to

fill the void

that lingered when you left.

perhaps they were substitutions but, i took what i could get

when the waterstains became

like old familiar friends;

points in conversations before i saw the end

of everything i trusted

in every thing you said.

the lines i carried with me and let sleep in my head

under blankets of indifference

to every fault you wore,

like i could make a difference

at the corner store with a bottle of compassion

to be poured into your soul

as if small town deals and passion

would make you want to know

that i don’t care for this vivid pain to show.

still, i love the Sun more

when it rains.

‘poured’ taken from 22:14 in the psalms.

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