when winding up is winding down

cheap clomid for sale cowls are notoriously tricky.

http://pitterpatterpetsitter.com/embed/5rCQJmVaQpg there’s too small, just right, too big,

http://www.technicaluk.com/646-dte84775-just-started-dating-a-girl-how-often-should-i-communicate.html followed by just right to be doubled, and then way, way too big.

dating a girl who once dated agirl i’ve been working on this cowl for a couple of weeks now.IMG_5618crop

it wasn’t until i wove in the ends this morning,

that the proverbial light bulb went off in my head.

this is not wool.

which i knew all along and is significant because

when i swatched at the begining, i calculated the # of sts to co

based on the swatch stretched out (my cheater’s version of blocked).

since i’ve planned this all along as a spring to very early fall piece,

 i chose a silk cotton blend.  intentionally.

the faux pas is that only when trying it on for the first time

did i discover my mistake.

so, instead of ‘just right’ i have too long to be a single loop

and too short to be doubled.  sigh.

now i’ll have to keep

my eyes open for a friend who likes their cowls this length (because some people do)

then this can become a well loved gift

and i can have another go,

a fresh start with

new #’s.

my cowl is still coming,

just a little a later than i thought.

file this under: live and try to learn to pay more attention from the get go.

‘fresh’ taken from 3:11 of james.

4 thoughts on “when winding up is winding down

  1. Hmmmmm…… could you lap over the end that hangs in front, and pin it in place? Not sure what I mean is clear. I’ve seen cowls worn this way, to the side a bit, or straight down. It’s such a gorgeous colour! It will look beautiful on you!

    • currently i just feel disappointed. my own fault, but it’s not what i wanted it to be. the cowl is worked in the diagonal, so hitching it up somehow is tricky, but in a week or so when i can look with more neutrality at it, i’ll take another look. the color is fab and i love the stitches. i know it would make a great gift, i just need to try again at some point for what i was aiming for. you know?

      • I do know what you mean. Give it a time-out, and then give it another look. 🙂 It’s such a pretty piece, I hope you keep it for yourself. Not that giving it away isn’t lovely! I’m sure a solution will come along. Hope so! Hugs from me to you!

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