cey & i: blog tour, day 2

today is boot sock day.

appropriate since it’s 15* outside.

these were designed to go from comfy boots to stage shoes

and back again without a hitch.

trume socks side by sidethey’re as pretty as they are practical.

the angora and nylon in the mix make them super snuggly,

while the rich colors and tweediness keep things interesting.

the rocker style (lighter in these photos) is straight ahead ribbing.

the boho version is wide eyelet lace

to sweeten things up a bit.

either way, they’re cushy and warm.

check out the slate falls press blog today for a chance to win the pattern,

and a discount on it if you don’t want to wait.

joanna also asks me

music related things like ‘if you could be an instrument, what would you be?’.

betcha can’t my guess my answer before you look…

‘straight’ taken from 15:21 in proverbs.

7 thoughts on “cey & i: blog tour, day 2

  1. Hmmmm…. maybe you’d be a cello. I like that question! I’ll have to think about which instrument I’d be. Bagpipes, French horn, both of which I played a long time ago. Definitely not a saxophone, or clarinet, but I love Bassoons and oboes. And wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to boom out like a huge pipe organ, joyous and rumbling! So many choices!

    • my mum used to play the cello, and it’s sort of close, but not the one i’d chose to be. pipe organs, lovely! i recently watched ‘to hear the music – the opus 139 project’ and was so fascinated by how they’re put together and tuned.

        • there are so many good choices, don’t you think? do you want me to tell you if you’re getting closer? or do you want to read the interview to find the answer for yourself?

  2. Hah! Double bass!! Perfect. My mother, who was five foot one inch tall, decided to learn to play the bass. She was very musical, an organist and pianist, and very accomplished at both by the time she was eleven. 🙂 So the big ol’ bass entered our home, added to violins and horns and alto recorders and piano etc., and mum played it. 🙂 She had to fudge a bit as her hands were tiny, but play she did!

    • my dream is to have a double bass to play at home. i rented out at college for a year and loved it, but haven’t every owned one to play whenever i wanted to. someday…

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