it looks like steve the may

has a bit of swatching fever (always a good thing for a designer).

i feel pretty honored that his goal is to make

a pair of my trume socks.Photo on 4-2-15 at 16.06brican’t wait to see what color he lands on

and if he loves them as much as i love the pink ones

that i wore this past saturday

to the book signing at the hub mills store.

nothing, in my opinion, makes high heeled mary janes

feel better than cushy

boot socks.

‘nothing’ taken from 5:24 of job.

cey & i: blog tour, day 2

today is boot sock day.

appropriate since it’s 15* outside.

these were designed to go from comfy boots to stage shoes

and back again without a hitch.

trume socks side by sidethey’re as pretty as they are practical.

the angora and nylon in the mix make them super snuggly,

while the rich colors and tweediness keep things interesting.

the rocker style (lighter in these photos) is straight ahead ribbing.

the boho version is wide eyelet lace

to sweeten things up a bit.

either way, they’re cushy and warm.

check out the slate falls press blog today for a chance to win the pattern,

and a discount on it if you don’t want to wait.

joanna also asks me

music related things like ‘if you could be an instrument, what would you be?’.

betcha can’t my guess my answer before you look…

‘straight’ taken from 15:21 in proverbs.

cey & i: new colors in the mix

i just finished working with

a beautiful tweedy yarn and i thought,

“i love the vibe of this.  why didn’t i think to include some things that were

softer and tweedier in the upcoming collection?”

so, as is my prerogative as both a woman and an artist,

i proceeded to change my mind…

7ef426673050a557eacd6344248513afand staying true to their easy to work with nature,

classic elite yarns quickly sent the new colors

right to my back door.

majestic tweed and inca alpaca are going to make for

fun new swatching tonight.

thanks, cey.

‘mind’ taken from 46:8 of isaiah.