cey & i: the blues

i had never really thought much about what extras

might do to a knit until last year when i was challenged to ‘knit my life’ for the fiber factor.

i mean, what range of personalities would

shoes and a belt or

a silken scarf and a hat give to

a hand knit cardi or a v-neck pullover?

preparing for the photo shoot with classic elite yarnsIMG_6538put my mind on that track.

now i look around and see how very much each wearer’s

(esp. each knitter’s) personality shines through

based on not only what they’ve knit and how,

but by what they pair with their lace weight shrug or newly finished socks.

i love how this handwork that we love,

has enough room

for each of us to be ourselves, with all our quirks intact.

knit on, my friends.  knit on.

‘blue’ taken from 2:7 of 2nd chronicles.

(this post is part of an ongoing series,

chronicling my collaboration with classic elite yarns on

an indie collection.  all posts tagged with ‘artistic differences‘ and titled ‘cey & i‘.)

cey & i: new colors in the mix

i just finished working with

a beautiful tweedy yarn and i thought,

“i love the vibe of this.  why didn’t i think to include some things that were

softer and tweedier in the upcoming collection?”

so, as is my prerogative as both a woman and an artist,

i proceeded to change my mind…

7ef426673050a557eacd6344248513afand staying true to their easy to work with nature,

classic elite yarns quickly sent the new colors

right to my back door.

majestic tweed and inca alpaca are going to make for

fun new swatching tonight.

thanks, cey.

‘mind’ taken from 46:8 of isaiah.