cey & i: the blues

new dating site in usa for free i had never really thought much about what extras

site link might do to a knit until last year when i was challenged to ‘knit my life’ for the fiber factor.

i mean, what range of personalities would

shoes and a belt or

a silken scarf and a hat give to

a hand knit cardi or a v-neck pullover?

preparing for the photo shoot with classic elite yarnsIMG_6538put my mind on that track.

now i look around and see how very much each wearer’s

(esp. each knitter’s) personality shines through

based on not only what they’ve knit and how,

but by what they pair with their lace weight shrug or newly finished socks.

i love how this handwork that we love,

has enough room

for each of us to be ourselves, with all our quirks intact.

knit on, my friends.  knit on.

‘blue’ taken from 2:7 of 2nd chronicles.

(this post is part of an ongoing series,

chronicling my collaboration with classic elite yarns on

an indie collection.  all posts tagged with ‘ website link artistic differences‘ and titled ‘ http://johnhpalmer.com/51251-lantus-solostar-price-walmart.html/ cey & i‘.)

2 thoughts on “cey & i: the blues

  1. I hadn’t given this idea much thought before! I know that thinking about the pictures of knitters with their finished pieces being worn, there is a variety of style represented. Interesting! My mother used to fret at my fashion choices when I was a teenager, told me that pearl earrings with my jeans was not proper. But that was a long time ago and I happily wear whatever I please. Always did! After reading your post, I’ll be paying much more attention to how people wear their hand knits, how they accessorize. Thanks for pointing this out! :)_

    • i’m learning so much working closely with classic elite on this collection. as a bigger company they have a lot of skills and insight about how things are presented and what a difference that makes. i find what i’ve learned definitely is oozing over into my own personal outlook on some things to. it’s so interesting.

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