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2 thoughts on “rainy morning

  1. Those are pretty colours together! I snagged some half-off sock yarn a while back that are the peachy yellow and the salmon. A wee bit more muited I think, but very similar. I haven’t decided what to do with them yet, but I’m sure you’ll have an idea or three for yours. 🙂
    I was laughing the other morning. I thought of your children playing outside in the cold a couple of months ago. It was 38F outside as I walked the dogs, and two boys who meet up a street down the way and walk to wait for their school bus together, were there already. They were dressed in shorts and tee shirts, carrying their hockey sticks! 🙂 Only in Canada!?

    • my boys tend to get cold, it’s my 2 girls who are warm to hot all the time. we laugh because it literally takes a blizzard in progress to get my 15yr old to wear more than a down vest. when she has on a jacket with sleeves, we know it’s arctic outside.

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