rainy morning

spring has sprung,

which always calls for rain.

growing things are thirsty things.

stuck inside, i hunkered down with my new prism pencils

to sketch out some color ideas…and then some more.

i’ve always drawn in just black and white,

so i get a happy little rush having choices of colors now.

IMG_0058brii mean, how much fun is it to have all

the right pencil colors for rowan’s cotton glace?

so. much. fun.

‘thirsty’ taken from 35:7 of isaiah.

in this moment

IMG_9022urbi’ve been doing a little 2 steps forward, 3 steps back

with this new cabled design.

fresh ideas are often like that for me, never a straight line

of forward motion from beginning to end.

it’s a good thing that

it’s the process of the knitting i love.

if i only had my sights on the reward of reaching the goal,

and wasn’t able to enjoy the tangental paths that take me there

i’d be miserable doing what i do.

helps immensely

to be surrounded by yarn and needles

that i really like working with.

in this case, it’s rowan’s cocoon and the new handcrafted

hexagonal needles from indian lake artisans.

now, tonight i’ll move a few more

steps forward, and see if they stick or not.

‘paths’ taken from 3:17 of proverbs.

snug as a bug in a rug

or as cozily warm (and excited)

as a catepillar about to burst forth and see

the world as a butterfly for the very first time.

it’s all white outside, but in the kitchen

a welcoming shade of grey

is growing.

always feels so good

to watch lovely yarn (like rowan’s cocoon)

becoming something.IMG_8961brnot too many details to share yet,

but this is the beginnings of a collaboration with jul designs

working its way from idea to reality.

watching the process on the sunny island in my kitchen is

a great way to end a long,

cold, snowy week.

‘burst’ taken from 55:12 of isaiah.