winter is

not done, but i am.

i am done with winter, anyway.

therefore, today is about looking forward to spring,

even if just for a few minutes to give me enough hope to get through the rest of the cold,

you know?

growing things and happy colors and transitioning to warmer weather…

in my opinion, that all calls for a couple of new patterns.alaku and longing for springhere are ‘alaku’ (wrap on the left) and two different ways to wear ‘longing’.

can you believe that the days to wear fingerless gloves outside

(as opposed to double layers of mittens)

are maybe 6 weeks away?

i want to believe.

i really do.

‘forward’ taken from 20:2 of deuteronomy.

double take

this is

my 6 yr old’s take

on my latest design.

he tells me

the person he drew

is singing (as in caroling),

not screaming as it appears.

i think perhaps is is me

wearing the look of shock

that covered my face

when i found that

spud and chloe had

renamed this scarf after me.

such a total surprise!

their pretty model

looks much happier

to be wearing the real thing.

happy and warm

for it is cold out there,

but really,

nobody said

grabbing a new year

by the horns

was for the faint of heart.

so look out 2012,

we’re here!

‘warm’ taken from 44:16 in isaiah.

whooo is it?

this clever pattern

done up in spud & chloe ‘outer’,

has so much personality.

turns out that this guy

is just bursting with personality.

he likes flowers and playing with friends.

he tries hard to blend in

as he waits under the kitchen set

hoping for scraps,

and he really likes to read by sunny windows.





taken from

7:6 of proverbs.

for what it’s worth


as it may seem,

a size 11 double pointed needle

when fumbled

clumsily onto my front porch

(while waiting with my daughter for

my son’s bus to bring him home to us)

will fall silently and in seemingly slow motion,

teeter on the edge of the wide space

between the nicely weathered boards,

then just when you’re sure that all is well,

(and it is too late to act anyway

even if you move dangerously quickly)

drop into the dark unknown –

the far reaches –

a territory that we call,

with a slight shudder, ‘down there’.


this may delay

progress being made

on this snuggly toy owl’s ears,

but it will not

– and i repeat ‘not’ –

stop things completely.

i am making it work on just 4 dpn’s

because 3 of my kids

(and even the baby asked with his big brown eyes)

already requested exactly which yarns they would like to have theirs knit up in.

(note to self: letting the kids play in my stash might be best avoided in the future…)

‘worth’ taken from 23:15 in genesis.


pattern writing is not something

that i would do alone

by any means.

i design,

but there are

oh so many people involved

and my ideas would surely be lost,

in the swirl of the details,

without all the help.

as i wrote ‘asa‘ out,

the line-up went something like this:

1st there was wallace & gromit in ‘a close shave’

inspiring the super bulky yarn & thick stripes.

next my cousin j, who

held the corners of my sketch flat

against the warm ocean breezes of vacation

while i snapped quick photos at dusk for the official proposal

and a larger

troupe of cousins

were hugely responsible

for entertaining me with their rowdy laughter

while i knit, and reknit,  until the swatch was ‘just right’.

fourthly, it took spud and chloe supplying

all the necessary super bulky to knit the final sweater.

(they’ve just added new colors to all 3 of their yarns.

check them out here & here & here.

gorgeous, no?)

fifthly, it took the camaraderie of m

sitting on the livingroom floor very late into the night,

as we scribbled out rectangles & math formulas (& laughed at our ‘skills’)

to accurately determine just how many yards each different size sweater required.

then, of course, my faithful friends at taunton s’n’b

who helped me make a final choice of buttons when i teetered,

on the edge of resorting to ‘eenie, meeni, miney moe’, in the depths of indecision.

and up 6th is a for the super fast, super helpful test-knitting

(in bright pink and yellow, no less.  how girly fun!)

while over the oceans from me, j was creating the schematic.

brandy fortune was up next taking the photos

that produced the final, adorable, pictures.

along with the rest of the gals

for their tireless efforts

to put out the consistent, high quality

on-line magazine that petite purls always is.

then, after all these fingers in the pie,

the pattern finally sees the ‘light of day’.

and if those who came in contact with it to this point

were willing to be honest about any weaknesses in my original idea

and to enhance the strengths of the pattern as it came together,

then there is satisfaction at the end of the process for me.

in the case of ‘asa’

there was also an afternoon visit

to my favorite lys where i loaded up

on new yarns that fueled fresh ideas to start the process all over again…

‘laughter’ taken from 8:21 in job.

the un-dreary

today we have clouds and wind, but no rain.

grey, with no relief in sight.  typical new england weather…

but, i have heartening news.

due to the generosity

of  ‘spud & chloe

i am about

to start


little miriam

by the horns

to tweak a bit here

and adjust a tad there

until a grown-up version emerges.

this is ‘outer

in a deep grey

with blue undertones

in all it’s super bulky lushness.

i can’t wait to get the pattern rewritten

and this actual sweater done

as i plan to wear it

all day, every day

all the white winter long…

‘clouds and wind without rain’ taken from 25:14 of proverbs.