the un-dreary

today we have clouds and wind, but no rain.

grey, with no relief in sight.  typical new england weather…

but, i have heartening news.

due to the generosity

of  ‘spud & chloe

i am about

to start


little miriam

by the horns

to tweak a bit here

and adjust a tad there

until a grown-up version emerges.

this is ‘outer

in a deep grey

with blue undertones

in all it’s super bulky lushness.

i can’t wait to get the pattern rewritten

and this actual sweater done

as i plan to wear it

all day, every day

all the white winter long…

‘clouds and wind without rain’ taken from 25:14 of proverbs.

wanna win this time?

i’m not sure i knew before this that you can subscribe to knitcircus.

you sign up and then the full collections are sent when the issues are released.

how cool is that?

don’t cha just love it?

and jaala has generously allowed me

a full subscription

(starting with the recently released winter issue)

to giveaway w/2 extra copies for runner’s up.

can i hear a woo-hoo?

here’s how we’ll play:

just leave your comment

saying, “my favorite knit circus pattern is _______”.

i’ll choose 1 grand prize winner and 2 runner’s up on monday, november 22nd.

you’ll have the new patterns just in time for thanksgiving day knitting.

and knitting counts

as post-turkey



ok, that’s it for me today.

you have until midnight (est)

on sunday, november twenty-first.

feel free to commence with commenting…

‘time’ taken from 29:7 in genesis.