oh, how i love it

when things like this

(my very hastily and poorly sketched out idea of colorwork on a sleeve):IMG_9146briturn into things like this:10410290_10100171656970027_5694256389859965537_nthe actual colors of this lorna’s laces yarn

have to remain under wraps until tnna in may,

but i can tell you that it’s lovely and certainly something

that if i was at all skilled at dying

(which i am not)

i would have chosen to dye up for my very own.

‘skilled’ taken from 35:25 of exodus.

in this moment

IMG_9022urbi’ve been doing a little 2 steps forward, 3 steps back

with this new cabled design.

fresh ideas are often like that for me, never a straight line

of forward motion from beginning to end.

it’s a good thing that

it’s the process of the knitting i love.

if i only had my sights on the reward of reaching the goal,

and wasn’t able to enjoy the tangental paths that take me there

i’d be miserable doing what i do.

helps immensely

to be surrounded by yarn and needles

that i really like working with.

in this case, it’s rowan’s cocoon and the new handcrafted

hexagonal needles from indian lake artisans.

now, tonight i’ll move a few more

steps forward, and see if they stick or not.

‘paths’ taken from 3:17 of proverbs.


my kids made me crackers.

all by themselves they cut in the shortening,

rolled out the dough, etched the circles, and added a ‘secret’ message.

sj, ez, elsa + t, i ‘heart’ u, too!

IMG_5035satlove how the exclamation mark starts a line,

like the end of the row was an inconvenience for their creativity,

so they just plowed right through it.

yup, those are my kids.

100 percent.

‘heart’ taken from 27:3 in the psalms.

‘the starry’

super cute little babies (my friends’ girls)

in sweet little star topped hats.

well then, you can’t beat that.

pj & aliyah in 'the starry'

purple toned yarn is raventwist’s sloan in colorway ‘nights in marrakech’

with photos by darcy lyons photography.

photos by kiki taboh

of the blue toned yarn is zitron’s unisono in color #1220.

‘the starry’ taken from 33:6 in the psalms.


IMG_0340urbancropthis is the old Christmas cactus

that peers down over the top edge of

the highest cupboard in my kitchen.

when i was in jr high

it hung

in the sunny window of my bedroom.

i counted its blooms as i daydreamed

while my unfinished homework lay untouched in my lap.

now i marvel that no matter how far off calendar it gets,

those blooms never fail

to cheer me

just when i feel myself begin to lose heart

over one thing or another.

things that will surely pass, before

i spy the first tiny buds that will mark a new season’s beginnings.

‘lose heart’ taken from 4:16 in 2nd corinthians.


there are yarns that scream to be knit.

for me, heather prime alpaca was too loud to ignore.

this sport weight fiber is spun

into generous skeins

(600 yds each).

i want to live

surrounded by its soft halo.

i could go on and on and…

but the nutshell version

is: this is my

other favorite

galler yarns fiber.

really, it speaks for itself.

and don’t miss the opportunity to win a skein.

leave a comment here, by midnight of saturday the 8th of december.

‘spun’ taken from 35:25 of exodus.