saga of the jagged edges: part 1

once upon a time,

in a castle not so very far away,

there was a grand,

dare i say unequaled twine

that landed in the willing hands of a knitwear designer.

said maiden had in her noggin a vision

which longed for just such a fiber to set it free.

excitedly the designer and the twine set about releasing the vision,

until they tripped as one upon the jagged edge

of the need for a matchless zipper.

having scouted

about the village, they were

only able to obtain the proper shade.

 alas, the count of the teeth was too many

(too many by far…about 15 inches too far…)

IMG_4006and, but for the internet,

our tale might have ended upon this point.

instead, the ‘saga of the jagged edges’ continues tomorrow.

until the dawn, keep your sword close at hand, and your dragon well fed.

‘tomorrow’ taken from 14:25 of numbers.

2 thoughts on “saga of the jagged edges: part 1

  1. Awaiting the continuation of this heroic tale, dragon at the ready, pointy sticks sharpened, and hooks pocketed just in case. 🙂

    • love your ‘pointy sticks at the ready’! i just need to get enough sleep that my head feels clear enough to finish telling the tale. didn’t happen last night. perhaps tomorrow…

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