about yesterday

my ‘nearly wordless wednesday’ photo

from yesterday caused lots of questions to come my way.

most of them along the lines of ‘what in the world is going on there?’.

many times in need of a zipper to be shorter

than what i had on hand, i have shortened.

when you’re dealing with a metal zipper, it’s quite simple.

use needle nosed pliers to remove

the little metal stopper that halts the zipper pull from pulling all the way off.

make desired length by using scissors to cut the fabric backing in spaces between

the close-set metal teeth (that’s the hardest part),

then reattach the little metal stopper at the new end of the zipper.

takes maybe 10 minutes and you’re good to go.

but the zipper i was tussling with

is molded electric blue plastic.

2adcd3520c4d80cbde620cdec37b5f5negsatwit wasn’t key to any project (since i found a replacement)

so i thought i’d see what was possible.

turns out what is possible is to make a huge mess,

pretty quickly and with very little effort.


IMG_4120negsatthen i got an idea.  an ‘awful’ idea.  i got a wonderful, ‘awful’ idea!

(a la the ‘grinch who stole Christmas’)

and it has to do with julie’s super bulky

and with the reason i wanted a zipper in the first place.

and i frogged back (that’s the only ‘awful’ part about it)

to ‘no knitting done at all’ once again.

sound familiar?

47af87a250e09fd4e17f0f335d80118bigtoday i didn’t knit much.

i started feeling all inspired by the above pic,

so i drove and i did paperwork (not simultaneously).

i walked by the fjord colored yotta, in the bowl on the kitchen island,

as i tried to slow down the chatter in my head and hear it tell me

exactly what it wants to become … and it did.

might even be finished by tomorrow.

definitely making headway.

until then, remember that brave (wo)men don’t slay their dragons

(or their unproductive tendencies and quirky character traits),

they ride them.

the view from up here, by the way, is stellar.

‘effort’ taken from 36:19 of job.

saga of the jagged edges: part 2

as i was saying,

except for the internet, our journey might have ended

with sore feet and a tired steed having trekked here and there and back again

in search of the needed zipper.

one of the right shade and fierceness was found,

but it’s extent was too expansive (way, way, way too long).

then my mind, even in its current state,

hit upon the idea of the tag

(i am often lost in the obvious).

yea, the zipper in my possession had a tag

which by the light of a torch, still clearly read:

coats & clark,  f45 – 22 – 7, closed bottom sport.

after deciphering the tricky code (color – length – heft),

i was able to procure the exact same hue in the 7″ height that i desired.

IMG_4039cornersthe quest for closure(s) was now complete.

until tomorrow, keep your wit sharp and your needles sharper still.

‘sharp’ taken from 27:17 of proverbs.


saga of the jagged edges: part 1

once upon a time,

in a castle not so very far away,

there was a grand,

dare i say unequaled twine

that landed in the willing hands of a knitwear designer.

said maiden had in her noggin a vision

which longed for just such a fiber to set it free.

excitedly the designer and the twine set about releasing the vision,

until they tripped as one upon the jagged edge

of the need for a matchless zipper.

having scouted

about the village, they were

only able to obtain the proper shade.

 alas, the count of the teeth was too many

(too many by far…about 15 inches too far…)

IMG_4006and, but for the internet,

our tale might have ended upon this point.

instead, the ‘saga of the jagged edges’ continues tomorrow.

until the dawn, keep your sword close at hand, and your dragon well fed.

‘tomorrow’ taken from 14:25 of numbers.

picking the pieces

the yarn is decided.

it’s the yummy ‘yotta’ from julie asselin.

stitch pattern of choice is in the works.  i’ve been playing with ideas.IMG_3852cropi know i want an overall rib, but which rib?

broken rib, mistake rib, 1×1 rib? twisted rib, 5×2 rib?

i am so very undecided,

but the swatching sure is fun.

next, i must choose something quirky (must because i really, really want to).

i want something that will make me want one of my own.

there are so many great patterns out there,

why do i want to spend my time on this one

(besides that it’s a great ‘excuse’

to play with the ‘yotta’)?

i was gathering up the ‘usual suspects’

(buttons, handmade pins, closures)

when i figured out what

i wanted.

IMG_3864shadea zipper.

(get a load of the silver sparkly one!)

not sure which zipper yet,

but i am sure about one being involved

in this newly forming pattern

whatever stitch it winds up being knit with.

but, i’m getting ahead of myself.

one piece at a time.

back to ribbing.

‘ahead’ taken from 14:7 of 1st samuel.


textural adjective

:a characteristic quality; essence

:relating to a surface that is other than smooth

:the visual and especially tactile quality of a plane

:the characteristic structure of the interwoven or intertwined threads, strands,

or the like, that make up a textile fabric

okay.  so,

i like to touch things.

cozy soft or heavily textured.

a flat surface turned 3 dimensional or silky smooth.

and all the better if my eyes feel like they can ‘touch’, too.

rough old tree bark, the surface of water at the hands of the wind;

these things really catch me and hold my attention.

what started as this: IMG_2051cropped which made me think of this:images

was ‘captured’ in the stitches of this:tasa swatch fade

grew firmly in my mind into this:sketch0004crop

and with the help of classic elite and their mountaintop ‘crestone‘ became this:DSC_3035

‘tasa’ now available here as a free pdf download courtesy of classic elite yarns.

‘smooth’ taken from 3:5 in luke.