picking the pieces

the yarn is decided.

it’s the yummy ‘yotta’ from julie asselin.

stitch pattern of choice is in the works.  i’ve been playing with ideas.IMG_3852cropi know i want an overall rib, but which rib?

broken rib, mistake rib, 1×1 rib? twisted rib, 5×2 rib?

i am so very undecided,

but the swatching sure is fun.

next, i must choose something quirky (must because i really, really want to).

i want something that will make me want one of my own.

there are so many great patterns out there,

why do i want to spend my time on this one

(besides that it’s a great ‘excuse’

to play with the ‘yotta’)?

i was gathering up the ‘usual suspects’

(buttons, handmade pins, closures)

when i figured out what

i wanted.

IMG_3864shadea zipper.

(get a load of the silver sparkly one!)

not sure which zipper yet,

but i am sure about one being involved

in this newly forming pattern

whatever stitch it winds up being knit with.

but, i’m getting ahead of myself.

one piece at a time.

back to ribbing.

‘ahead’ taken from 14:7 of 1st samuel.