saga of the jagged edges: part 2

as i was saying,

except for the internet, our journey might have ended

with sore feet and a tired steed having trekked here and there and back again

in search of the needed zipper.

one of the right shade and fierceness was found,

but it’s extent was too expansive (way, way, way too long).

then my mind, even in its current state,

hit upon the idea of the tag

(i am often lost in the obvious).

yea, the zipper in my possession had a tag

which by the light of a torch, still clearly read:

coats & clark,  f45 – 22 – 7, closed bottom sport.

after deciphering the tricky code (color – length – heft),

i was able to procure the exact same hue in the 7″ height that i desired.

IMG_4039cornersthe quest for closure(s) was now complete.

until tomorrow, keep your wit sharp and your needles sharper still.

‘sharp’ taken from 27:17 of proverbs.