buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk v find more information textural adjective

http://blacksuperherofan.com/tag/sun-man/ :a characteristic quality; essence

http://drryanchristensen.com/wp-comments-post.php :relating to a surface that is other than smooth

:the visual and especially tactile quality of a plane

:the characteristic structure of the interwoven or intertwined threads, strands,

or the like, that make up a textile fabric

okay.  so,

i like to touch things.

cozy soft or heavily textured.

a flat surface turned 3 dimensional or silky smooth.

and all the better if my eyes feel like they can ‘touch’, too.

rough old tree bark, the surface of water at the hands of the wind;

these things really catch me and hold my attention.

what started as this: IMG_2051cropped which made me think of this:images

was ‘captured’ in the stitches of this:tasa swatch fade

grew firmly in my mind into this:sketch0004crop

and with the help of classic elite and their mountaintop ‘crestone‘ became this:DSC_3035

‘tasa’ now available here as a free pdf download courtesy of classic elite yarns.

‘smooth’ taken from 3:5 in luke.

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