first and last

nothing feels better to me than

casting on and working the first few stitches of a new design.

nothing, that is, except having gotten through all the joy of the knitting

to the very last few stitches.

here they are, the last ones, with the math and the sweatIMG_9202unsatand the wondering if it will really work or not

behind me.

new pattern (and color photos) coming soon

just in time for tnna on may 30th.

‘wondering’ taken from 24:21 of genesis.


oh, how i love it

when things like this

(my very hastily and poorly sketched out idea of colorwork on a sleeve):IMG_9146briturn into things like this:10410290_10100171656970027_5694256389859965537_nthe actual colors of this lorna’s laces yarn

have to remain under wraps until tnna in may,

but i can tell you that it’s lovely and certainly something

that if i was at all skilled at dying

(which i am not)

i would have chosen to dye up for my very own.

‘skilled’ taken from 35:25 of exodus.