ahh, to rest

it looks like

there is much needed

sleep ahead for both d and i.

yesterday he came home from the doc

with a cast and permission to go back to work.

while the brace and wrap from the hospital was lighter and easier in ways,

the full cast meant that the wrist was protected enough from moving covers and such

that he and i were both able to get decent sleep last night.

it’s amazing how different a little shut eye

makes the next day look.

it’s been hard to watch him in pain

and to be able to do so very little to ease that.

so, when he told me that his exposed fingers were cold

(hanging out the end of the sling, not able to be gloved or even zippered into a coat),

i jumped in to help.

IMG_4086crop2 vintage bulky from berroco,

three double pointed needles,

necessity (which is the mother of invention after all),

a little knit forward, pull backward, repeat…

and a thumbless mitt was ‘born’.

the velcro of the sling is already reeking some havoc

on the lower stitches near the binding off,

but overall, i’m happy with it.

the shaping keeps it in place without being uncomfortably snug

and knowing he’s warm and feels loved is he best part of all.

note: i did not forget

the ‘saga of the jagged edges’.

give me a few more nights of solid sleep

then i’ll be able to continue that tale.

thanks for your patience with things.

until my head clears,

i’ve got my 14 yr old’s fo’s to show you.

more on that tomorrow

(for real, tomorrow).

i don’t need much sleep to be proud of her

and i sure am proud of her.

‘necessity’ taken from 9:7 in 2nd corinthians.

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  1. I’m glad the wrist will be okay, and didn’t need surgery. I’m itching to see your daughter’s work! She is the child of a super designer after all. 🙂 Waiting patiently….

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