storm has past.  all is well.

yesterday’s rain kept my kids inside

and my 8 yr old wandered into my little workroom.

he was looking politely, so i left him as i went off to tend other fires.

later in the day, he comes to me to say,

‘mama, can you knit me a hat?’

‘sure,’ i say,

‘what color do ya want, bud?’

‘blue,’ he says, ‘lots of different blues, please.’

and i run through my stash in my head and can’t place variegated blues,

i say, ‘i don’t think i have any of that.  sorry.’

‘yes, you do.’ he says, ‘i saw it on the shelf this morning.’

sure enough, he walks in and pulls exactly what he wants out.

IMG_5709tempgreat stuff from knitcircus.  bulky and lots of blues all in one skein.

if the mix of shades didn’t hook me (which they did),

the color name would have.

how can you go wrong with a name like ‘blue skies ahead’?

who wouldn’t want to knit with it.

‘skies’ taken from 26:7 of job.

3 thoughts on “appropriate

    • i asked what he wanted it to look like and he said ‘warm’. ha. guess that leaves me a lot of wiggle room.

      • I would say so! But I hope what you knit matches the picture in his mind! Kids can be funny about such things. 🙂 I knit a beautiful brown sweater for one of my boys once, with him checking in on progress now and again. When it was done, he said,” I thought it would be white!” Ummmm… knitting dark brown wool might have given him a clue? LOL

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