cey & i: nothing is safe

i was only gone for a minute.

just long enough to blow my nose and

wash the sick germs off of my hands.  then i was back

to find my youngest’s train set ambulance

being driven by a cocky looking blond brio man.

he seemed to have been

considering a little off roading while eyeing the ‘field of lace’

that is currently pinned to the blocking board.

IMG_3468urbanit appears that after revving the engine and hitting the gas,

he got his tire hung up at the last moment

on a t-pin

(whew, that was close)

before he was able to leave even one

skid mark across all that work done up in the silky ‘magnolia’

which is so close to being the first finished piece

of ‘artistic differences’ at this point.

how thankful am i

for such a well placed

blocking pin?  so thankful!

‘first’ taken from 18:17 in proverbs.

2 thoughts on “cey & i: nothing is safe

    • psst. i have a secret. all the toys here are afraid of me. ha. because i have the power to take them away if they misbehave (or are misbehaved with). mamahood has its priviledges.

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