sketching is not

my best thing.  not by far.

i do it because mags need a picture of what’s in my head.

thing is, i don’t doodle.  i’ve never been one to draw just because i had free time

Scan 1uppedand a paper,  and a pencil.

so my sketches

look like


(in ‘real life’,

that turned into

the ‘amperes hat’ for

knitscene, accessories


unlike me,

my oldest likes to draw.

she adds colors

and textures.

she draws eyes (which i can’t yet and so don’t)

and draws mouths (which are still well beyond my comfort zone).

she is brave in this area of sketching where i am not.

sj sketch collagethat impresses me.

it also makes me think that when she gets

to be an actual grown-up, that there will be no stopping her.

i like that.  a lot.

‘impress’ taken from 6:7 of deuteronomy.