enter to win, or don’t?

seriously, is that even a question?

it’s a luxurious yarn, a free copy of a new pattern and some other little goodies

of course you should enter.

i’ve just released a new pattern knit up in

galler yarns’ heather prime alpaca.

this stuff is amazingly soft

and there’s enough in

just one skein to

to knit this.

‘this’ being valleys of the sea

a rectangular wrap with wave like edging

along the right and left edges as it’s knit end to end.

really now,

does it get any better

than high altitude alpaca

(‘the cashmere of alpacas’)

that you can contentedly

knit an entire wrap in

out of a single

600 yard


did i mention that this means

no yarn ends to weave precariously into the lace pattern?

leave a comment to this post saying

which galler yarn you would most like to try and why

on or before saturday, december 8th.

i’ll choose 5 winners by rng.

(one for each skein shown)

winners will be announced on monday, december 10th.

check back this week for posts on my fav galler yarns,

and which one i so very badly want to work with next.

‘valleys of the sea’ taken from 22:16 of 2nd samuel.

59 thoughts on “enter to win, or don’t?

  1. That top skein of Heather Prime Alpaca, in that lucious blue, would be my choice. I love heathered yarns and the colour blue is my favorite, (just ask anyone who knows me!) and that beautiful alpaca skein caught my eye immediately. Of course any alpaca, any colour, is special and soooo soft! The new pattern is just lovely and looks like something I could manage to knit. I”m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that I might win!

    • Sooo hard to choose – I think I would most LOVE the first color – looks on the periwinkle side!

    • congrats, samm! you won the goodie box including the light blue skein of heather prime alpaca! smile.

      please send me your mailing address at: [email protected] and i will ship it right out to you.

  2. I love the darker blue. Reminds me of the deep ocean and I believe your new pattern would look gorgeous knit up with it. Thank you for another beautiful pattern. Best of luck with many more.

    • congrats, karen! you won the goodie box including the darker blue skein of heather prime alpaca! smile.

      please send me your mailing address at: [email protected] and i will ship it right out to you.

  3. Ooh, thanks, Tal! I would love Torrey the Heather Prime Alpaca in one of their lovely blue shades. It sounds so cushy and fun!

  4. What a lovely wrap it would be in the darker blue. If I do not win It i will definitely ask Santa.

  5. Hmmmm – which Galler yarn I would most like to try? What an impossible choice!! The choice gets even tougher between the Heather Prime Alpaca you chose or the Asana bulky. Maybe because I have spent time in Peru, not sure, but I am always drawn to Alpaca yarns and these look absolutely luscious!!

  6. Looooove the turquoise. Would love to work with a 600 yard skein of beautiful, soft, warm alpaca.

  7. Oh this would be a dream come true, just in time for my birthday!!! Any color!!!
    Good luck everyone!!!

  8. Love the Heather Prime Alpaca! In #211, please! Such a beautiful shawl pattern and stunning in your wonderful yarn.

  9. The heather prime alpaca in that soft natural brown–because it looks so natural and earthy 🙂

    • congrats, carol! you won the goodie box including the soft natural brown skein of heather prime alpaca! smile.

      please send me your mailing address at: [email protected] and i will ship it right out to you.

  10. What a sweet pattern! I would love to knit with Alpaca prime, but also with the Asana Bulky 407 which would make a great warm and pretty hat.

  11. I love Galler’s prime alpaca for its softness and beautiful colors. I would love to try Gallers “Jasmine” (silk). A yarn that comes in beautiful colors with the feel of silk and that can adapt to your skin’s temperature and can look geogeous, must be knitted!!!

  12. I love the Heather Prime Alpaca in dark blue (I believe it is color 222)! I have recently fallen in love with alpaca. It’s so squooshy and soft. This is such a beautiful pattern and definitely worthy of alpaca goodness.

  13. I am loving the Heather Prime Alpaca.
    It looks like it would be a dream to knit with. The feel as it moves through your fingers would just be wonderful. It would probably make you happy as you make up your project.

  14. Ooh, the Heather Prime Alpaca is sooo gorgeous, I would love to try it! It looks like the perfect yarn for a shawl, and has the yardage to match. I especially love shade 222, it looks like a great day-to-evening transitioning shade. Thanks for the lovely giveaway 🙂

  15. I love the teddybear brown or the soft yummy cream colourway in the Heather Prima Alpaca. Both would look absolutely gorgeous transformed into ‘Valley of the seas’ draped around my shoulders ! 🙂

  16. Loving the last one shown above that looks like a teal color on my monitor. Really would love to win any color though, just saying!

  17. So many choices! And such a gorgeous wrap pattern! The Prime Alpaca looks fabulous, but I’d also like to try ‘Adorable’ and ‘Jasmine’. I love the warmth and loft of Alpaca, and silk has always been one of my favorite fibers. Living in a colder climate, I really appreciate the extra warmth of natural fibers.

  18. I have to go with the Pashmina Cashmere. It has been a favorite of mine for about 12 years. Just cannot get enough. Color would be difficult as they are all beautiful, but my choice in order would be Red, Forest or Viola. A basket full would be enought to curl up for a nap!

  19. Oh, what a beautiful pattern, and lovely yarn. I would love to try the Heather Prime Alpaca , in that perfect blue, 207. It looks so soft. Please enter me in this generous contest. 🙂

  20. I would love to try your heather prime alpaca. If you want me to pick a color, that will be hard. I love all the colors posted, they are beautiful. I pick my yarn by color and feel and the heather prime alpaca seems to fit my specifications. Whatever color I get I will have to make an outfit to go with it. I sew my own clothes and I am trying to expand my wardrobe with my knitting. It only takes one piece to inspire a whole outfit. This will be a great challange.

  21. What a wonderful giveaway. I love the Heather Prime Alpaca colors. I usually buy teal and turquoise, but navy is beautiful. Of course, so are the purples I saw on the website. So many lovely colors from which to choose! The shawl is beautiful and I can just see it flowing around my shoulders.

  22. I would love to try the Heather Prime Alpaca in the light brown color 205 because it looks just like an alpaca to me. The shawl pattern is so lovely and I would really like to make it out of this lovely yarn that looks just like a bit of heaven to me.

  23. I would love to work with any of the alpaca yarns, but if I could pick it would be the brown or either of the blues… I think the scarf would be great in any color that shows the wonderful stiches!

  24. The Heather Prime Alpaca looks lively, but the Jasmine silk is what really caught my eye. I’m designing a stocking pattern inspired by Les Miserables and what better to knit it with than French silk?!


  25. I love the shawl pattern and that you don’t have to join any yarn with the Heather Alpaca skein. I would like to try “Adorable”, the 70% baby alpaca and 30% silk yarn.

  26. How could I possibly decide between such luscious colors, especially when it’s in prime alpaca! The colors are so natural and beautiful. Any of them would look lovely made up in your shawl pattern. How appropriate that your choice of color (turquoise) reflects the beginning of 2 Samuel 22:16; I can visualize the sea in your shawl.

  27. I’ve heard about Galler Yarns, and would love the opportunity to try using it, and since I love working lace projects using alpaca, this seems like a perfect project and and the heather prime alpaca is the perfect marriage in a knitting union.

    • congrats, christine! you won the goodie box including the turquiose skein of heather prime alpaca! smile.

      please send me your mailing address at: [email protected] and i will ship it right out to you.

  28. I must confess that I love them all!! However, if I had to choose just one that I have never used before, it would be the Asana Bulky. I don’t use bulky for many projects, but the Asana just looks amazingly squishy. I’m just sure it would make the most cozy scarf, or maybe throw pillows. Yes…throw pillows…or maybe it would be too tempting to nap all the time.

  29. I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to choose one of the colours or one of the yarns from the website, but I’d love to try the Prime Alpaca – Sport and of the heathers I like the dark blue (the fourth skein you show here).

  30. I’d love to work with the white # 201 or the blue #216 and I love, love, love heathered yarn. Bright blues are not a color I work with often, but I would love to try. It would go well with a “sea” pattern. I love that you reference Scripture. Thank you for the give-away. (strawberrykid on ravelry)

    • congrats, julie! you won the goodie box including the white skein of heather prime alpaca! smile.

      please send me your mailing address at: [email protected] and i will ship it right out to you.

  31. love all the colors hard to choose. I would love to win dark blue appaca . Oh to be wrap in softness!

  32. Oh I just love Heather Prime Alpaca in the colorways of 221, 222, 223! And your pattern is just gorgeous! I love your website and all your lovely pictures. <3

  33. Oh my – the color of the Heather Prime #223 (turquoise) just took my breath away! So beautiful and it looks so soft! This yarn combined with the Valley of the Sea would make a fabulous gift for my aging mother. It would be kind to her skin (she’s 85) and let her know how much she is loved (not that I don’t let her know anyway 🙂 ).

  34. Would so love to knit my husband a scarf from the Heather prime alpaca in color 207. I haven’t found a yarn soft enough for him, and I just bet this is THE one!

  35. Valleys of the Sea. What a lovely and evocative name. And in blue, so perfect. I would adore making this gorgeous wrap in light blue, dark blue, or any color to tell the truth! And as for another Galler yarn I’d like to try, how about Pashmina? Knitting with cashmere. Could it get any better?

  36. Love the pattern It is beautiful Color choices are great it is hard to pick just one but I think I like turquoise best

  37. Alpaca-turquoise definitely turquoise but anything alpaca is beautiful! And 600 yards to play with!

  38. I’m a huge fan of neutrals so the camel tone is my favorite. As for Alpaca, I would be happy with a whole stash of it! Thanks for this chance to win some of this beautiful yarn.

  39. I love the Heather Prime Alpaca in the teal and purple! The colors look gorgeous and I love trying new yarns.

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