flight into folly

i have stood,

teetering on the precipice,

with my thoughts running hot and cold

(should i learn double knitting or should i not?)

mentally plucking off imaginary daisy petals one by one for quite some time now.

i have multiple patterns

queued that

all require this skill

and it was this bag pattern

that finally toppled me firmly

into the ‘must learn’ camp.

still, i was stalling

feeling fearful

of what


result might be if i

didn’t immediately

master the technique.

(i am, btw, a bit of a perfectionist, which i mention just in case you hadn’t noticed.)

so i formulated

a seemingly foolproof plan.

i would choose two yarns whose

contrast was so minimal that mistakes

(of which i expected there to be quite a few)

wouldn’t be glaringly noticeable.  sheer genius, see?

but, after getting through 2 or 3 rounds of the colorwork i noticed,

much to my dismay,

the shades blending so very well

that although i didn’t see the mistakes

i also couldn’t quite see which stitches i had gotten right. sigh.

now it’s time for pulling it all out and getting back to the beginning

which is, i fear, the dreaded provisional cast on.

if at first you don’t succeed, buy more yarn and try, try again.

‘fearfully’ taken from 139:14 of psalms.

2 thoughts on “flight into folly

  1. I think it might well be easier to see your stitches if you have a BIG contrast! 🙂 Waiting to see how it goes…..
    samm who wants to try this technique too, but is letting you be the guinea pig!

  2. Contrast baby, Contrast! Don’t feel bad. I frogged mine all the way back to the beginning! I did’t like how the cat feet looked after the last row I’d knitted. The more I’ve frogged the more I learned. It looks good and hopefully It will stay that way. Fun technique, but my brain doesn’t like it. Can wait to see your bag!

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