returned home

from a glorious and memorable 8 day road trip

just yesterday.

stuffed ufo’s, and show & tell yarn

into my big green ‘life is good’ canvas sack

and hustled off to catch up with the girls at knitting.

had a blast (always do),

but upon lugging my stuff inside at the end of the night,

i was one amazing skein of jazzturtle handspun and a wip ‘aetelier’ cardi short.

searched the van, the driveway and my sack multiple times,

sighed deeply,

and surfed on over to ravelry hoping

for a smile to distract myself.

this is what was there:

mission successful.  big cheshire cat smile, and the missing items, found. ahhh.

(due to laptop breakage the very first night of the trip,

i wasn’t able to blog along the days as i’d planned,

but tomorrow i’ll start catching up on that.)

‘impossible’ taken from 6:18 in hebrews.

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