mondays with mrs. crosby: ten

when i get this close to the end of a design

it’s like when the wind changes just before it rains.

things begin to look different.

instead of focusing on individual stitches

i start to see them as a collective whole.

and i can almost smell the excitement

that i feel

or maybe i’m just smelling the sweat

from getting this close to the end of the project and

this close to the end of the skein at the very same time.

IMG_2929whatever the exact reason for the feeling

(and whatever the smell actually is)

mostly it’s just a buzzing of excitment

as i wait to block, seam,

and see exactly what it’s become.

‘changes’ taken from 8:1 of ecclesiastes.

‘mondays with mrs. crosby’ is an ongoing series of posts

(to be posted on mondays, of course),

detailing a current collaboration between mrs. crosby yarns

and me. stay tuned.