‘nourri’ and ‘sinew’

each year

as the weather begins

transitioning from cold winter to warm spring,

daily temps become an unpredictable roller coaster ride.

where are those balmy breezes?

i’m layered up in wool for the bus stop in the morning,

then must begin peeling those layers off

by mid-morning,

only to reapply them

at dusk as the air cools once again.

and every year, it makes me think about new hats.

this year, i actually managed to think two new ones up

that fit the bill

(or my big noggin as the case my be).

IMG_2987 sq++++the first done was ‘nourri’

in julie asselin’s worsted weight ‘nurtured’.

this yarn has so much character

and depth of color.

it’s also one of those yarns that feels more rustic in the skein

that the softness that pops up once it’s soaked and blocked.


the second new hat, ‘sinew’,

to get me through until the warm of spring

actually gets here, is the above

in ‘folio’ from berroco.

it’s got a sheen

that made me skip over metal needles and head

straight toward my handcrafted wooden ones from indian lake artisans.

but, it was dreamy to work with on the wooden needles

(and they’re my favorites anyway).

‘sinew’ really is a basic beanie, except that i doctored up

the decreases at the crown a bit

to keep things interesting.

it’s not hard, mind you, but it’s not boring either.

so, now winter can keep

hanging on,

which is what it looks like it’s going to do anyway,

and i’ll still be contentedly warm in my new hats.

what are you doing to pass the time

until the weather makes

a real change?

‘breezes’ taken from 147:17 of the psalms.