good, bad and just because

short hair is

so great, except when it’s not.

those of you with short hair know exactly what i mean.

for those of you who don’t,

i’ll give a quick review on ‘bedhead’.

the more short strands of hair on any given head,

the more likely that in the simple act of sleeping

these strands will meet the pillow in an off-kilter way

producing what my kids lovingly call

‘mama’s morning hair’.

when i had longer hair, the sheer weight of the length of it

would pull sleep related quirkiness straight after a short time awake and vertical.

with short hair, this is not the case.

some times (emphasis on ‘some’), a little water and

a brush will smooth things out,

but my hair is nothing if not stubborn

so more often throwing on a great knit hat

is the best way to go.

but, in the warmer weather, a hat is too much.

irregardless, bad hair days persist through the summer months.'asheville' (1) courtesy of feel good yarn companyasheville‘ is my cure

for turning every warm and sunny day

into a good hair day

or for adding that added extra touch of pizazz

for any old day that the mood strikes me.

the lycra in the silverspun pulls the stitches in just enough

to keep your bad hair secret safe

and the cotton is dreamy soft.

for those of you who have enviably good hair days consistently:

first, don’t tell me who you are

because it will make it hard for me to continue to like you.

second, the ‘asheville’ pattern includes a longer version

that can be worn as a breezy scarf.

because, although i am

a bit jealous,

people with good hair should have nice knit things, too.

‘envy’ taken from 14:30 of proverbs.

photo courtesy of feel good yarn company.  photographer: caro sheridan