my daughter

wants to knit a little.

she feels motivated in spurts.

up until now, garter stitch squares

have been her project of choice.  she says,

‘the short little 16 st rows make me feel like i’m getting somewhere’.

this is teenager nearly instant gratification at its peak.

but, i had just one skein of city tweed aran

and she wanted to knit it.

i talked her into

a hat worked in the round:

simple, slightly slouchy, and just her size.

IMG_4098cropthere were starts and stops.

the circular needles felt fidgety to her,

she’d never done knit and purl stitches in the same row before,

and she had to learn k2tog & ssk from scratch to get through to the top.

IMG_4099crop2but her hat came out great.

so worth the effort to learn all the new stuff.

now she wants to knit chemo caps for the local hospital.

i love my kid.  she’s enthusiasm and caring, talent and 14 all rolled into one.

wait’ll you see her sketches tomorrow.

i could learn a few things

from her already.

‘simple’ taken from 20:10 in 2nd kings.