cey & i: variations

we are all different.

that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

a world of clones would be boring at best and dysfunctional at worst.

knitters are a good example of this.

no matter how much

i like a designer’s version of a pattern,

it’s inevitable that someone will make modifications

(lovingly called mods)

and the piece will take on a whole new personality;

a fresh life of its own.

in ‘artistic differences‘ i wanted to expand on that.

setting aside a knitter’s skills (which can be many),

how does a person’s personality affect their choices in knitting?

7272cropand does the end result ‘look’

more like them than

the designer’s


did ?

when an existing song

gets dolled up a bit

by a new band,

we label it ‘a cover’.

when the original artist

reworks the tune

it’s labeled ‘a remix’.

you seldom see remixes

by knitwear designers.


we decide what a thing will be

and then do our best to present it in that light.

maybe it’s my musical background showing, but i’ve always loved

the contrast of the textural similarities and differences

between song remixes and the originals.

the group of patterns in

artistic differences is my version of ‘knitting remixes’.

 i took two parts of who i am,

a little bit boho and another little bit rock & roll,

and allowed each pattern in the book to reflect those two sensibilities

(just for extra fun, there’s a third mod written in for each pattern as well).

here’s a band i love doing a musical thing that’s similar

with their song ‘gang of rhythm’

(be sure to check out their ‘powerful’ version

which starts in all its rock and roll vibe-ness at the 7:22 mark).


now that you’ve heard it done musically,

check out the book to see me doing it knit-wise.

then the question becomes this:

what is it that makes you different?

and how in the world are you gonna knit that?

needles at the ready and

thinking caps on…

‘fresh’ taken from 92:14 in the psalms.

cey & i: forward motion

math tamed: check.

swatches done: check.

wet blocking complete: check.

pinning it up to get a better look: check.

the magnolia becoming wearable: to be continued…















 ‘tamed’ taken from 3:7-8 of james.

(this post is part of an ongoing series,

chronicling my collaboration with classic elite yarns on

an indie collection.  all posts tagged with ‘artistic differences‘ and titled ‘cey & i‘.)

cey & i: down, but not out

even with 2 pencils in play

there was so much tip breaking and wearing down points

that i eventually resorted to a trusty pen.

still, it went something like this:

*write, reconsider, scratch it out; rep from * until your very last nerve is frazzled.

then wait and

…hold on!

time for a time out.

i find a break almost always helps,

or at least it gives me the perspective to cut my losses and move on.

in this case, it gave me the ‘ah ha’ moment that i’d been missing.















that one was a little too close for comfort

but, all’s well now.  on to the re-swatching and the actual casting on.

‘comfort’ taken from 16:5 in job.

(this post is part of an ongoing series

chronicling my collaboration with classic elite yarns on

an indie collection.  all posts tagged with ‘artistic differences‘ and titled ‘cey & i‘.)