she begins like this,

‘music has been a part of my life forever’

hey, that’s me, too!  the things we have in common continue with

“chords grab a hold of you and fill you from the inside out”.

oh yeah.  they so do.

then there’s knitting, which melissa and i also have in common.

her stuff is classic in the coolest way.melissa sch collageif you don’t know it,check it out.

but, i digress. in the quotes above, she is writing a review

of my book ‘artistic differences’.

today i added a link to her site, along with other links

to other reviews and book signing date and places to buy the book.

it now has its own page on my website thanks to helene.

when i was updating it today i realized that

i hadn’t even told you it was there.

now i have.

photos courtesy of dandilion girl designs.

‘common’ taken from 10:13 of first corinthians.