ducks in a row

i like working

with double pointed needles.

i’m not a fan of magic loop, so i want to grab dpns quite often,

but mine are always in a bit of a jumble.

my dpns, on a typical day, look like this:IMG_4738sqit’s so frustrating to have the sizes worn off.

even though i used elastics to keep the sets together,

i’m still wasting time hunting for

what looks about right


and having to use the needle gauge to check.

so much ugh.

but, then i found dpn needle rolls by dellaq.

i’m not a girly girl,

and i’d seen other fabric needle holders before, i just didn’t like them.

too flowery, too cutesy, too much for me.

so when i saw this, i knew this was the one for me.IMG_4715sqcool pinstripes, dark buttons

and a stretchy elastic cord that adjusts to be

just the right size no matter

how many or how few dpns i load it up with? very, very cool.

when i did load it up, suddenly my dpn mess made some sense.IMG_4749sqwell, sort of.

except that i seem to have just one lone size 9?

and my five 7’s are different sizes?

no idea why.


remember that first pic of my barely controlled dpn box?

(scroll back up if you want a refresher)

because now it looks like this:IMG_4769sqand looking like that, while all the while being fully functional

and ready to travel at a moment’s notice

is pure gold.

bring on the next project that

requires double pointed needles. i’m raring to go!

‘look’ taken from 35:5 of job.

they celebrate


*have 7 bones in their necks just like we do.

*speak to each other in pitches so high that the human ear can’t even begin to hear them.

*have ‘gates’ in their neck arteries

so that a tidal wave of blood doesn’t assault their brains when they lean down.

*are born with their hooves encased in skin balloons

so that they don’t injure their mamas on the way out of the womb.

*make wobbly attempts to stand as newborns

once they achieve this, their mamas knock them over – 3 times

because somewhere inside

they know that wee ones must be able

to easily regain their feet when pursued by predators.

* and

they enjoy blowing

on double pointed knitting needles

that they pretend are large candles on

the even larger styrofoam birthday cakes

or so my three wee ones would tell you and

they have this candid photo to prove it to you…

‘womb’ taken from 139:13 in the psalms.