a different kind of stitch

i cannot be

the only one who sometimes

does not start for fear of it not coming out well.


i’m not much of a ‘practicer’, more of the ‘want to be good’ type

and it can temporarily paralize me.

that sort of explains

why i have two big books,

multiple colors of floss, and even an interesting blank bag,

but have not yet stitched a single stitch…IMG_3142-

then jordan started her sewing site

and the accompanying blog and newsletter.

i find her point of view refreshing and down to earth.

her photo tutorials are so clear,

she makes me want to just dive in.

but, i still didn’t know quite what to attempt to stitch

until i read this little bit of her poetry:


grow high

in quiet

wild spaces.

yes, that’s exactly right.

the rest will come together once i start.

i’m quite sure of that now.

thanks, jordan!

tomorrow’s goal: pick a color & thread the needle.

i can so do this.

‘different’ taken from 12:6 of 1st corinthians.