ferox mitts

bulky yarn often gets a bad rap

(for being, well, bulky),

but i so adore it.

let me

tell you just exactly why

that is…

you can easily find

a plethora of intricately cabled patterns

worked in beautifully fine fingering and sport weight yarns.

they are lovely, and they should be as they take ages and ages to knit up.

the time is the price you pay for

the final project’s delicacy.

truth be told,

it’s easy for me to lose motivation

what with all the notes i have to keep

just to keep from losing my place

in the mass of numbers involved in

pulling off shaping and cabling and textures

in these light weight yarns.


there is bulky weight

where 1

(yes, i said 1)

properly placed


can make a curve that

hugs your wrist just the way it’s meant to

and the drama of a single cable twist can carry an entire design.

i admit that i’m a sucker for the drama of bulky yarns

like ‘frosting-chunky’ from delicious yarns.

their semi-solid colorways make me swoon a bit

and with a pattern like ‘ferox’

(you can actually knit these in a weekend)

there’s no reason you have to choose just one color.

i decided on ‘grape’ for this first pair, but i have my eye on ‘burnt orange’.

don’t you think this shade

will be the perfect pick-me-up

to whip up for myself

some weekend this winter

when the snow has washed out

all the colors outside?

i do!

‘winter’ taken from 8:22 of genesis.

bottom yarn photo courtesy of ‘delicious yarns

modeled photos shot by leslie of blueeyedcrafty photography

cable needle necklace in top photo hand crafted by leslie wind