really? yup.

meg of a wool story

posted a pic of green onions

that she’d regrown in water in just a few days.

i decided to challenge my science minded son to try it.

he was, to say the least, doubtful.

‘too good to be true’

was basically his sentiment.

so, we bought a little handful of scallions at the grocery

to give it a go.


it’s so very simple.

just cut the green tops off of the stalks

(leaving the roots in tact),

then plop

them in water, set in the sun and see what happens.

here’s the complete play by play of what we did.

(‘read’ the pics counter clockwise from the upper left corner):

go collage

sine we were being ‘scientific’

we measured before and after the chopping,

then after 3 days in the sun,

we measured again.

now, i knew they’d grow, but the rate of growth amazed me.

all the darker green at the tops is new growth.


in 3 days the stalk that grew the least grew a full inch

while the ‘winner’ grew more than 3″.

that’s crazy good.

my son,

for the record,

can’t get over the fact that they’re growing at all

without dirt.

despite all the clippings i’ve rooted in jars of water

that reality is hitting him for the very

first time in these shoots.

i think i love watching his understanding

of what’s possible grow more than

having our supply of fresh scallions

constantly replacing


‘understanding’ taken from 2:11 of proverbs.