pretty things

i have a pair

of red velvet gloves.

you would think that they

might be from my life before wee ones

(kids & red velvet don’t get along),

but they were a gift that i

specifically asked for

just this past Christmas.

because i really

like pretty things.

i have a 5 yr old and a 4 yr old

both often covered in goo-

mud to bubble soap to peanut butter and jelly sandwich crumbs,

a teething one yr old (think drool in lots of crazy places),

and a sweet 11 yr old who inherited my general clumsiness.

so ‘the good stuff’ at  my house is up high or secured inside the china cupboard…

but equally as well,

i like plain old rocks.

i like beach rocks and

broken sidewalk rocks

and even gravel when it glitters in the sunlight.

if i go someplace special, i tend to bring home a rock.

not sure why

but they feel real to me-

solid, strong and substantial.

i even have a few special ones with

crystalline growths in them from a small

island in maine and from my bass player’s wedding.

now tomorow, knitcircus will release their summer issue.

my contribution

is a pattern that marries

these two pieces of my life

(the fragile but pretty things and

the sturdy things that carry their own weight) seamlessly together

and really

what knitter

doesn’t love nearly

anything without seams?



‘fragile’ taken from 8:14 of job.

where’s the love?

i love stockinette

stitch, always have.

there’s something about

the repetition of the stitches

(especially in the round so it’s all knits)

that soothes my muscles and quiets my head.

this week i’ve been bearing down hard on a new stockinette stitch project

and finding myself inexplicably, dare i say it, bored.

this is confusing, particularly since i’ve been

looking forward to getting back

to my partial cardigan

which is absolutely

stockinette stitch.

how’s that work?

go figure.

but, as i daily alter even the smallest of our routines

adjusting to newly being a family of 6 (no longer 5)

i am overjoyed and truly exhausted.

i think that’s the real issue.

my precious stockette

is so soothing that

it’s lulling me

almost to


guess i’m not bored after all,

just tired.


i much prefer tired.

at least it’s something

that i am very,

very familiar


‘familiar’ taken from 139:3 in the psalms.