too good not to blurt out

i am tied to the written pattern when i knit.

there are so many interruptions in my every hour.

the idea that i might work straight through something

is quite foreign to this stage of my life.

nevertheless, i’ve been on a quest

for a pattern with enough room to experiment,

yet instinctual enough that it can be done without

constantly referring back to the designer’s notes.

i’d almost got my own new pattern ready

when i stumbled upon ‘scant’

designed by lee meredith.

her take on the top down, any weight, any gauge hat

is nothing short of brilliant.

in my opinion.

she eliminates the need for a gauge swatch.

she outlines the basics of hat design so that any knitter

can aim for a fitted or a slouchy cap with full confidence.

i grabbed my latest yarn acquisition

(madeline tosh dk from the hub mills store) and cast on.IMG_5437cropso happy with how the colorway knit up like stripes partially blurred by speed,

or gusts of wind, or other unexpected motion.

i will be happily knitting lee’s pattern again in the near future.

and did i mention that it’s free?  it is.

no excuses.  go check it out.

‘unexpected’ taken from 25:23 of proverbs.