cobalt blue

timing is so key.

just as the custom doll from threadpluslove arrived,

so did a skein of new cobalt blue gems fingering from louet!

now, my friend knitecochic

calls me ‘vibrant blue’ and the doll was designed to have short spiky hair like me…

so i knew immediately that this yarn would be a hat for her

(she is still nameless, btw,

if anyone has name ideas, feel free to comment below).

i’ve not always been a fan of fingering weight yarns.

my pinkies, of all things, always cramped up when i used thinner yarns,

but it turns out it’s the needle size that was the culprit,

not those beautiful fine yarns.

the color alone, was enough to draw me to the gems,

but turns out that the stitch definition is fab-u-lous as well. since i had a still model to try it onto (as opposed to a squirming child),

and as i was making the fit up as i went along,

i tried it on her many times and was continually impressed by the spring of the yarn

and how nicely it retained its shape.

soon as the hat

was finished, i packed it and the doll up and returned them to my mum

(the doll was to be a Christmas present from her to me).

when it finally was time to open the box and have her be mine for real

(oh how badly ‘she’ needs a name, guys),

the vibrant color of the yarn struck me as gold all over again.

it also occurred to me that perhaps some tiny little

bracelets should be next … right?

‘shape’ taken from 17:28-29 of acts.

note: a little of the nitty-gritty.

i was given this skein of louet gems fingering to review,

but, you know me, a free skein of yarn

isn’t ever going to make me say that i like what i don’t.

i am much too pig-headed to act anything like that. ever.

in the meantime

this was yesterday morning waiting for the school bus.IMG_7509cropthis was today’s wait.IMG_7517cropthings change so quickly.

it’s already hard to remember how warm it was last week

and whether or not winter usually starts this early

or if we just want it to wait,

so it feels too early year after year after year.

on a warmer note,'Lind' by Talitha Kuomi

this free pattern

was released today

both on

the knitter’s pride blog

and in german on knit pro.

tomorrow isn’t supposed

to get above 40 degrees all day.

i intend to put my lind on and wear it, pulled down low,

all day as i adjust to the chill,

or longer (until i dig out

my other hats).

‘yesterday’ taken from 8:8-9 of job.