the stories behind ‘the great deep’

it was a year ago

(where did the time go?),

that malabrigo yarn got in touch to say

i had been picked as an mfpp (malabrigo freelance pattern project) indie designer,

paired up with alison, and given the theme ‘glittering fish’

with this photo for inspiration.

alison and i spent the next few weeks

sending notes & sketches back and forth.

by the end of the summer we had a

rough idea of who would

do what and in which malabrigo colorways.

 then the nuts and bolts

of putting patterns together began.

re-swatching, tweaking, and lots of math.

now here it is june already.

my 6 patterns (also available as an e-book)

were released on friday.¬† alison’s are coming up soon.

do, i’ll spend the next 6 days posting about the underwater inspirations

for each of my patterns,

why i named them what i did,

and a little about some of what did and didn’t turn out the way i expected.

remember my leap into steeking?

that was one of the patterns in ‘the great deep’.

check out the e-book patterns here

can you tell which one?

up next – ‘peixe’: what i thought it was going to be

and how it set me straight.

‘the great deep’ taken from 51:10 of isaiah.