i do not spin.

i have no desire to learn.

this in no way keeps me from swooning over handspun yarn.

the way the thin strands get plied together,

causing the colors to intertwine…

i’m fascinated.

last weekend karen of seven sisters arts

was at lys in the loop while a group of us were sitting and knitting.

her yarns are gorgeous.

i could have listened to her chat about how and why she dyes

what she dyes all afternoon.

i did get a couple of skeins of ‘corona’

(more on that later),

but then her roving caught my eye.  in particular

this one colorway that ran from purple at one end, through pinks and

into orangey tones at the opposite end.

again, i do not spin,

my friend sharon does, though.

since it was just barely past my birthday,

she agreed that if i bought the roving, she would spin it up for me.

that was an easy ‘absolutely yes!’.

now, once sharon sets

her mind to something, it’s best to stand back and stay out of her way.

she’s fast and she’s skilled.

just a week later,

and an 1/8 of it has gone from roving to handspun.

ssa roving to handspunit’s 12 to 16 wpi, but i’m swatching with size 8 needles.

do you know why so large a size?

so i can use the indian lake artisan needles that i have here.

ha. that’s why.

not wanting to use anything else.

guess i need some more sizes, and soon.

‘stretch’ taken from 11:13-15 of job.