this quiet afternoon

felt like a great time to block a recently finished hat.

distractable me, though, got drawn in to the up-close

and personal of the process.

IMG_9083crop1hit the ‘wrong’ setting on my camera and it revealed

IMG_9091negthe intricacy of the bubbles

as they interacted with the wet yarn.

who knew that the side effect of wet blocking

in bijou basin ranch’s allure fiber wash would be so artistic?IMG_9089urbhappily, the hat got blocked despite this tangent.

though i hope not to get to wear it,

in all its wooliness,

until next fall.

the warm sunshine today is downright hopeful in that regard.

‘block’ taken from 14:13 of romans.

allure fiber wash‘ courtesy of bijou basin ranch.

note: you know me and the strength of my convictions.

i am not one to be swayed by a free little bottle of fiber wash.

end result?  i really liked it.