particles and a planet

my skew are coming along well.

a good halfway through the first sock now.

feeling so good about knitting socks, that when i stumbled upon

string theory colorworks‘ yarns, with the 8-10 row wide stripes, i quickly picked

the colors of my next three awesomely striped pairs of socks.

top to bottom these are:

continuum in ‘jupiter’

continuum in ‘neutron’

and tachyon in ‘proton’.

this yarn feels as good as it looks and i am thrilled with it!

now i just have to knuckle down and finish the pair of skew.  wip pic here tomorrow.

and no laughing allowed.  i’m going as fast as i can on these ridiculously small sticks…

‘fast’ taken from 2:15 in 2nd thessalonians.