the time of people asking

what we’d like for Christmas is over

band_colors_02__17130.1382717193.1280.1280and here i’ve stumbled across just the thing.

this is so clever and so handy (or perhaps ‘wristy’)

i would use it all the time and then some.

if you’re a knitter you probably would, too.

alas, now we must wait until our birthdays to request it,

but you better believe i’ve got it bookmarked.canister_contents__42861.1382717205.1280.1280

i’ll be able to find it immediately

(if not sooner) when

i’m asked.

‘time’ taken from 2:11-13 in song of solomon.

cey & i: ‘bossy’ is misunderstood

“i’m the boss of my knitting”.

i am, although today the knitting doesn’t seem to know it.

working on the math for the first sweater in the collection.

using a lace stitch pattern

that repeats every 4″.

this is a designing challenge,

because if it’s not adjusted in some way

the only chest circumferences available would be

28 (36, 44, 52, 60) inches around.

not gonna work for way too many shapes and sizes of knittahs.



finds me




at this

little desk

in my little


a #2 pencil


a back-up

at my side

(oh, how it annoys me to have to stop mid-way thru a math equation to sharpen a tip).

IMG_2567colorwarpi’m hacking away at

my brainstormed

list of

possible solutions.

and one of them

is going to


my new pin from

lys ‘in the loop’ is here on the desktop reminding me

that “i’m the boss of my knitting”.

take that you wiley lace stitches!

‘sharpen’ taken from 27:17 of proverbs.

(this is part of an ongoing series of posts

chronicling my collaboration with classic elite yarns on an

indie collection.  all posts tagged with ‘artistic differences‘ and titled ‘cey & i‘.)