behind and ahead and inbetween

on sunday, the 9th,

i asked an ‘do you know what this is?’ question.

lickety-split, brenda guessed right over on facebook.

not long after, samm guessed right here on the blog.

you guys are so smart.

i was fascinated, but had no idea at all what it was until i read

the ‘good karma farm’ tag.

that’s the ‘behind’ part (as in i’m behind on giving the answer).

on tuesday, not quite so long ago, classic elite yarns let me

guest post on their blog.

i’m always happy for an excuse to write.

i do so love the process of getting my feelings wrangled

into solid form.

now, for the ‘ahead’ part.

tomorrow a new hat pattern of mine will be released.

a couple of weeks ago (here we go back again),

my daughter took photos of that hat and me.

the graphic pop of her shots i just love.

i didn’t realize until aftewards

how the details of

the hat got


in the end it works out well, because now i can show you these as

a sneak peek a day early.'hita' collage for fbi also just made this the new header on my facebook page.

if we aren’t friends over there already, let’s fix that right now.

i’m very friendly (smile).

 ‘ahead’ taken from 4:25 of proverbs.

when it rains, it pours


i have had four patterns released in the last four days.

they each have a story, but things are busy here

and what i don’t want is to

forget to introduce

them to you in all my rushing about

 and tidying up countless other loose ends.Capturein a quick handshake kind of introduction,

(starting with the upper lefthand photo and moving clockwise)

i’d like you to meet:

‘sydney’, a chameleon of a scarf;

‘kvitt’ (in two color combos), a bag lined with its own knitting;

‘mixta’, a fitted hat with graphic cables and small ear flaps;

‘dirwyn’, a cowl of cabled columns.

i hope to find time and focus to tell you more about each one,

but now if i don’t,

at least you’ll recognize them if you ever chance to

pass them on the street.

‘chance’ taken from 9:11 in ecclesiastes.

both photos of ‘kvitt’ by caryn scanlan photography.

photo of ‘sydney’ courtesy of classic elite yarns and decicco photography.