cey & i: blog tour, day 4

it is a given, that the area ‘backstage’

pretty much any backstage

at nearly every venue anywhere is

going to feel somewhere between cold and not at all warm.

‘on stage’, however,

at the exact same club,

is going to be “wow, it’s getting really hot and the temp is rising”.

you’ve got lights (lots of ’em), the warm generated

by multiple pieces of electric amplifying equipment,

and the body heat of the crowd.

for me, the silve mitts

are at least a partial answer to this phenomenon.7347btthese fingerless gloves are fitted.

i like things to fit snug on my wrists

and guitar playing would be impossible with any positive ease.

the yarn is classic elite’s mountain top vail,

which is a sweet, luxurious mixture of

the ‘ooh so soft’ of baby alpaca

and the sheen of bamboo.

this makes them

just right for warding off the backstage (or early morning) chill,

while fine enough to fit in your back pocket (or jacket pocket)

when things start to warm up.7365bt

for today only,

buy the pattern

through ravelry,

and you’ll automatically

get 10% off in your cart

(no code required).

be sure to check back


and i’ll direct you

to the next stop

on this blog tour

for ‘artistic differences‘.

while it is still called today, hop on over and read the knitter’s pride blog tour post.

at this very moment in time i am so very

ready to start packing for vklive next weekend in nyc.

‘warm’ taken from 2:16 of james.

photos courtesy of classic elite yarns.

same old, same old it’s not

the hazy early morning light

seemed to forecast a normal type of day

but that was just not to be.

IMG_4990satbecause later that day, under the same sort of light

my dad taught my 14 yr old

how to mow with

 the ride on.

IMG_5002crophe sat on my rock, with her younger siblings

and a few assorted neighborhood kids

to ‘supervise’.

IMG_5032cropthe smallest of the onlookers

was by far the loudest as he chanted

‘go, go, go, go!’

trying his very best to be heard over the

roar of the engine, unsuccessfully.

IMG_5029satand then, as if pretending

that this day which feels so monumental

(watching my oldest baby do such a ‘grown-up thing’)

was ‘just an average day’ after all,

things have wound down to quiet knitting

which is the ending of a lot of good days around here.

IMG_5137crop‘rock’ taken from 32:31 of deuteronomy.

cey & i: a question of shaping

fit counts.

the catch for me

is that it counts differently to different people.

everyone seems to have their own opinion of something fitting ‘right’.

and it changes for any individual depending

if you’re talking about a sweater,

fingerless gloves,

or socks.

IMG_3893brighturbanso, when i design i make a judgement call.

sometimes i pick shaping to fit something the way i’d like to wear it,

sometimes i shape something a way i’ve not seen many other patterns done,

sometimes i’m just challenging myself to see

if i can make something fit

in a different way.

and any way you look at it, there’s math to be done (and checked and rechecked)

to be sure that i hit the mark on

whatever fit i aimed for.

so back to it.

‘fitting’ taken from 26:1 of proverbs.