the sixth string

“here i am again, stuck in this rotary

so many exits i could take, but

they keep alluding me…”

my friend b. used to come amost evey monday

sit in the sun on my kitchen couch and play my old washburn,

while one, then two, then finally all three of my kids sat at our feet.

we’d hash out the lyrics to songs he’d bring partially formed in his head.

he hadn’t been by in ages.

life gets like that.

then yesterday he & his dog reappeared

on the back porch.

with his latest cd

in hand.

it’s funny

like a secret inside joke,

because the songs are really good, as is the production.

yet i know that more than half the tunes on the disc were chiseled out

with the low bass hum of my fridge in the background and at least one interruption

per verse

for a dirty diaper

or some similar need.

most of life just doesn’t show

in what we call accomplishments.

it really is all the other moments in between.

‘need’ taken from 12:21 of first corinthians.