what, really? cool.

(this monday morning picker upper brought to you through the generosity of knit picks)

how about a giveaway?

(that got your attention, now.  didn’t it?)

12 skeins of wool of the andes

in just the right colors

to knit your very own

merciful‘ bag

in the collegiate

color scheme.


it’s easy to win.

just leave a comment to this post about your favorite idp pattern from knit picks

and you can keep leaving favorites until midnight on sunday, november 14th.

the winner will be drawn monday, the 15th, and posted by noon (est).

fyi: idp = independent designer pattern,

you can find them all here.

so i thought

since i was making you choose,

that i ought to choose my fav as well.

but it’s hard,

because there are so many indies involved.

they are of every style and type and flavor.

i did manage to narrow it down to 2.

my favorites are

(in no particular order)

the ladders of success cap

by mindy vasil

because of the way

the cables come together

at the top and the slouch,

gotta love a good slouch and

the motorcycle gloves pattern

by dori mondon

because i’m on a huge

fingerless gloves kick right now

(having just finished my 2nd pair

and cruising along through my 3rd)

and, well, they’re just so cool.

now it’s your turn.

what’s your favorite idp pattern and why?

inquiring minds want to know…

‘easy’ taken from 12:18 in luke.

73 thoughts on “what, really? cool.

  1. I love the pattern “Equalizer” by Diana Trodhal (sp), it was the first IDP that I bought and I’ve made the hat twice. It’s a ton of fun to knit up!

  2. I love what KnitPicks is doing with the IDP patterns — and I don’t think they get nearly enough attention in the blogging world! So many could, and I think should, be instant classics. For instance, I love every one of the Andrea’s Shawls I’ve seen knit up — the combination of the embossed lace pattern and the graphic stripes is so unusual, and so much fun. I’m also pretty smitten with the Kimono Wrap Cardigan by Hilary Smith Callis. Classic, especially in those colours!

  3. I’m a fan of the Arabesque Top and Estonian Flamingo Shawl, both are absolutely gorgeous, and I’m looking forward to making them.

  4. There are so many IDP patterns that I love! I just love the affordable patterns from so many talented designers. My two favorite patterns are the Marshmallow Bunnies Socks and the Jaime Fingerless Mitts patterns.

  5. I love the IDP patterns, so many great affordable patterns from talented designers! My favorite pattern so far is the Jaime Fingerless Mitts. Exactly what I was looking for!

  6. I love so many of the IDP patterns, I just love what KnitPicks is doing with this program. Right now my eye is particularly stuck on “Through the Woods?” I love love love it!

  7. My favorite is Dave Finally Gets His by Stephanie Tallent. These heavy weight socks knit fast and have enough going on to keep you on your game. Several pair have made their way into holiday gift giving.

  8. I love the Agatha Cardigan–it’s an elegant design both in the fashion sense and the mathematical sense. Plus Snowden Becker is doing her graduate work at the same place I did mine!

  9. My top favorite (that is listed so far on the Knit Picks site–when will my design be posted?) has to be Men’s Swish Crochet Vest by Kim Guzman. As a man who crochets, but doesn’t knit (down right can’t to save my life), finding a good looking wearable I can make for myself feels like finding the Holy Grail.

  10. Dewdrop Shawl by Paula Zimmerman is my favorite. I picked the same yarn as she did and it reminds me of a hot apple pie in the middle of fall. The color of the stroll tonal plus the lattice/basketweave look of the pattern just screams Autumn and really is so comforting to knit and look at. Also, it taught me how to picot and I love to learn new things 🙂

  11. first- thank you for doing this.
    second- i love love the Ireland Neck Warmer by Kalurah Hudson. I love a nice neck piece, such a simple and elegant pattern, plus the color choice just screams attention. its nice to wear a grassy summery green in the dead of winter here 🙂

  12. I just love the Agatha Cardigan – just wish there were more hours in a day to knit more of the IDP patterns !!

  13. Okay I’m completely biased, but I’ll do a plug for my own: “Knit Body Art Fingerless Gloves.”

    Patterns I’ve recently fallen for: “Pop-Top Mittens” because I have a tot who’s hands were cold until I knit those in no time flat! And for same tot, we’ve both recently fallen for “Mango the Giraffe.”

    Thank you and thanks Knit Picks for an awesome program!

  14. I love “Through the Woods?”. Since my winter coat doesn’t have a hood this caught my eye the minute it was released. The fact that it replaces a hat and scarf; it will become my go-to ‘drop the kids off at school’ head wear. And once the car warms up I can just throw it back like a hood. Love it!!

  15. Oh man, so many great patterns to choose from but I will go with the
    Shiver Hat Pattern
    by Erica Jackofsky

    It’s exactly the kind of pattern and project I like working. Haven’t had the opportunity to use wool of the andeas yet, so this would be a great way to dive in.

    Thanks for the chance to pariticpate.

  16. There are a lot of IDP patterns I really like, but right now my favorite is the Ode to Joy Tam. I need to practice my colorwork a bit before I attempt it, though…

  17. I love the “Through the Woods?” Hooded Neck Warmer & Cuffs by Kalurah Hudson. One of my favorite fairy tales was Little Red Riding Hood and this hooded neck warmer brings back the childhood magic.

  18. I love the Master Charles hat! Love the cable-y goodness of it. And it makes me smile. 🙂

  19. I love the “Land & Sea Play Mat Pattern” by Nina Isaacson. I love the imagination and whimsy of it. I wish I had the time to make it, but I am afraid if I started, my son would be in college when I finished!

  20. I love the ” Motorcycle Gloves” pattern, but then I think I may have about 20 others in my cart too!!! Love all of the colors!!!

  21. My favourite pattern is Girl with the Purl Earring Hat by Michelle Miller for those cold Toronto winters! It would go along perfectly with Baana Shawlette by Galia Lael. Now I can’t wait to cast on!

  22. I’ve been really wanting to try out the Clara sweater. I’ll get to in one of these days!

  23. I’ve always been a big fan of the “Aunt Shirley” hat pattern. I like the use of color and the structural element.

  24. My current favorite is Ode to Joy by Angela Valdez. It uses two of my most favorite things, Palette and stranded colorwork.

    Of course, this is subject to change on a weekly/hourly basis. I LOVE the IDPs.

  25. I totally love the marshmallow bunny socks and Inuvik mitts… the mitts would be great to wear in our -50 below weather in Ontario!

  26. Amazing!!

    Well I love Kalurah Hudson’s ‘Through the Woods’ Hooded Neckwarmer. It just has this epic fantasy look to it and makes me feel like an elf. >:D

  27. Right now I have my eye on the Poetry Anklets pattern. KnitPicks got me started on toe-up socks when I bought the Fancy Feet Anklets kit. I had only knit cuff-down socks before and had no idea the kit was only toe-up. I entered in with some trepidation, but it ended up being easier than I thought it would be. I learned a lot of new things with the kit: toe-up, magic loop, 2-at-a-time, and short row heels. The Poetry Anklets are so pretty and their being toe-up doesn’t scare me as it might have not so long ago. 😀

  28. My favorite – for the moment – is Mercia shawl by Joyce Fassbender. I like the geometry of diamonds in the the border. I’m on a fingering yarn binge, and the Stroll Tonal is my #1.

  29. I love the White Cap Mitts. I knit them up in a neutral sock yarn and wear them to work on cold mornings.

    The pattern effective and quite amazing looking for the short amount of time you spend to knit it up.

  30. My favorite IDP pattern is the Cherry Bark Mitts by Donna Troldahl because they are quick, beautiful and make great gifts. Thanks for offering this contest! Happy Holidays~

  31. I love the Snakeskin Socks. You can use those little leftovers of multi colored sock yarn mixed with a solid and no two pairs are ever alike. And the slip stitch cuff works up very quickly.

  32. I love the Temple Cats Hat… mostly because I love all things “cat”, video games, and colorwork!

  33. I can’t pick just one, and really these are just a few of my favorites.
    Damson Slouch Hat by Suzanne Frary
    Knit Body Art Fingerless Gloves by Katherine Rollins
    Agatha Cardigan Pattern by Snowden Becker
    Miss Marple Sock Pattern by Star Athena
    Delancey Cardigan by Alexis Winslow

  34. I love Andrea’s Shawl by Kirsten Kapur (I see I’m not the only one!). I love the striping mixed with the lace – there are so many ways to combine colours, the piece could be graphic or subtle, fun or classic.

  35. I agree that it is very hard to choose a favorite. There are several that I have made, and even more that I want to make.

    I love the Viking Cable Bag and the Mercia Shawl, but right now I am making the Toxic Socks; so, I guess they are my current favorite.

  36. It was hard to pick one! But I will have to say Esplanade Hat
    by Melinda VerMeer will have to be my favorite due to the fact it has been the only thing my husband actually wanted! I figure its high praise from a man who does not wear beanies EVER!

  37. I love all the variety of patterns available. My favorites.right now are wrapped in lace moebius wrap by Linda Selick and the toxic socks by Camille Chang.

  38. i love the One-Skein Fingerless Lace Gloves Pattern and the viking cable bag. there are so many fabulous designs in the idp section and it is so difficult to pick favorites. i love these patterns.

  39. Right on the first page Alexis Winslow’s Miss Myrtle Fingerless Mitts jumped out at me. They’re cute and whimsical with that little flower and look like they’d be fun to knit.

  40. I have to confess that I honestly cannot choose just one pattern! Your Quench (just… wow! I love this bag!) & Merciful (I know I’d get tons of use out of this one!) bags are both high on my list of favourites. 🙂 My two other favourites are the Motorcycle Gloves Pattern (that cable got me the moment I saw it! I have to make those) & Floral Bath Set (who doesn’t need pretty but functional wash cloths?) both by Dori Mondon. There are a lot of reasons to love these patterns for sure. 🙂 Did I mention that both these amazing designers write such nice clear and easy to follow patterns too? 🙂 Tal you rock and whoever wins this one is going to be extremely lucky. 🙂

  41. I love the Master Charles hat, which I am working on and almost finished with, and I really want to start an Andrea’s Shawl! Too many great patterns to choose really!

  42. Oh Man… I can’t choose between the Kimono Wrap Cardigan
    by Hilary Smith Callis or the Bergen Street Cardigan
    by Alexis Winslow!

  43. I love sooooo many of the IDP patterns, it’s hard to name a favorite.
    Sakura hat by David Castillo is high on my list,as I’m looking for things that will work well for my sons, but are interesting to knit.

  44. What a cool giveaway! KnitPicks’ IDP program is such a great way to support new and upcoming designers! It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite — and I’m constantly changing my mind — but right now, my favorite is the Molly (Reversible) Bag.

  45. Ooohhh my… so many but I love the Miss Myrtle Fingerless Mitts it’s going to be the next thing I will be knitting up. I love how elegant it looks..

  46. i love the Art Deco Socks by camille chang. I so want to do colorwork and my favorite thing to knit is socks. plus those socks look totally awesome!!

  47. There are so many IDP patterns I love, but my newest favorite is definitely the Lydia Cardigan.

  48. I keep going back to the Daisy Ruth Cabled Mittens. They are definitely something I want to make.

  49. I absolutely LOVE the Delancey Cardigan! I love the clean lines and the color contrast. I’ve been itching to knit it . . .

  50. I love the Beverly Cardigan but haven’t yet had the guts to cast on (seems like a LONG project). So, the quicker and easier one that I also love is Taking Flight. So fun!

  51. I just love all the patterns with cables. If I had to choose just one it would be Moroccan Red Summer Shirt. Love it, love it, love it!

  52. My favorite for this moment is the Kombu Moebius Cowl & Hood for Child & Adult but it is likely to change.

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